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Leaking Taps

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The endless drip of leaking taps is not only frustrating but a constant reminder of money down the drain. There are multiple causes for a leaky tap and it is important to service them immediately. 

Delaying the inevitable repair may lead to more serious problems beyond changing a dripping faucet. While the obvious culprits may include deteriorated rubber seals, washers or O-rings, there can be more significant issues at play, such as damaged pipes or calcified internal mechanisms.

Get it right the first time, and call the professionals. Don’t fall into the trap many of our DIY customers do, who try changing their own tap washers but end up with more problems than solutions. Washers are not the only one cause of dripping taps, leaks can also indicate the internal brass seat being worn away, O-rings perished or seat cracked taps seized.

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Dripping Taps Cause Damage

Delaying leaky tap repair can lead to damage of the surrounding surfaces. Water is notorious for warping wooden cabinets, buckling countertops or rotting contact surfaces. Unchecked, not only will these surface areas need to be repaired but structural damage may also occur and that’s time and money you could easily save.

Even more critical than the potential expense is the danger of slips, trips and falls. Water is a slips hazard. Don’t put you or your family in harm’s way because water has pooled on a surface in a high traffic area, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

The Case for Experts

Everyone knows a car needs regular servicing to stop the metal parts seizing inside the motor – your taps are no different! If your taps don’t get a regular service to replace the O-rings, washers, fibre seals and most importantly grease then they will seize, calcify, tighten up and cease working completely. Then instead of a simple tap service, you will need to replace the entire system.

The qualified professionals at Case Plumbing pride themselves on supplying first-class tap service. Their complete package always includes, but is not limited to, checking and repairing seats, replacing washers, O-rings, fibre seals and tap grease. They only source their parts and tools from the best brands and have well-proven techniques to resolve every leak.

Case Plumbing offers a full home inspection for all your tap and drain concerns. Their prompt, reliable and friendly professionals are available to answer any questions you may have, so please call or email now to book your next service.

Save time and money with Case Plumbing and gain peace of mind. 

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