Are you running out of hot water quicker than normal? Is the temperature or water pressure weak? Does the water look discoloured or smell funny? Your water heater may have sprung a leak or may need to be replaced.


Electric water heaters are generally the cheapest heaters to buy and install. When paired with a good quality electric solar system and a home battery system these can become the most efficient water heating solution for your home.


Gas Hot Water Systems are very cheap to run and with gas still considered a greener energy source than electricity these are a great option for the environmental conservative home owner. 


Although these heaters will carry a purchase and installation price higher than the gas and electric storage tanks, the savings on your energy usage bills can be a great reason to plan for these energy efficient solutions in your home.


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Need Some Help With Your Water Heater?

Are you looking for help with your water heater? We have professionals waiting to assist you and answer any questions you may have about hot water systems. 

If have any concerns or notice anything out of the ordinary with your hot water system – please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. 

Services We Can Provide

Installs & Repairs

Hot water heaters require two types of regular services to keep them working properly and to extend their life significantly. The manufacture gives details in their product book when you purchase a new heater. An annual service is actually one you can carry out yourself.


Annual Hot Water Service:
Very gently lift the pressure relief valve handle to allow a small flow of water to pass through then gently close again. Thats all it needs.

This is just to ensure the washer is not seized on the valve seat so that if there is ever a pressure or temperature issue with the tank then the relief valve will be safe to perform its job of releasing overpressure.

Five Year major service – You will need our help for this one.

  1. We replace the temperature and pressure relief valve to ensure your heater has a safe valve if there is ever an overpressure problem to ensure the heater doesn’t pop.
  2. We replace the sacrificial anode from inside the tank. This is a magnesium rod designed to prevent the inside of the tank from corroding. Failure to replace the rod on time will definitely shorten the lifespan of your heater costing potentially thousands of dollars over the life of your homeownership.
  3. We replace the tempering valve to ensure you have safe 50 degree hot water to your home preventing heat loss and scalding from over temp water.
  4. We test the operation of all other valves and heater to ensure everything is working correctly. If we find any issues we will discuss with you on the spot.
  5. We guarantee our work. We strongly believe that if you rely on us for good advice then we should back up our words with a guarantee. We promise that if our advice doesn’t deliver what we promise then we will give you 100% money back guarantee.*

* Money back guarantee is that your heater should last 5 years longer from the date of our service. If it doesn’t then we will discount the service cost off the price of your next water heater if you use us to supply and install your new heater.

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Zanna Lenart
Zanna Lenart
Great service with a quick response and update. Great value, highly reccomended for future concerns and issues.
Taylor Clarke
Taylor Clarke
Super professional, excellent communication, quick to respond to an emergency and fast service, very helpful, we really appreciate it! Thank you!
Gayle Smith
Gayle Smith
Hayden was phenomenal and an absolute credit to the plumbing industry. He showed up on time, was super pleasant to deal with and did a great job. He also cleaned up the site after. He explained everything to us in an easy to understand way so we could make decisions easily. It was great to deal with a plumber who on the spot could quote us and do the job. Amazing 5 ⭐️ service and would highly recommend these guys.
Prompt, professional, listened and understood the brief. Left with job done quickly, done well and work area clean and tidy.
Janet Starkey
Janet Starkey
We have previously had Case out to fix a problem with our sewerage so when we needed a plumber again we didn't hesitate to give them a call. Hayden was the young man and he was punctual and a good communicator. He had the latest of equipment to do the job and explained the process to us. I would highly recommend Case for a pleasant plumbing experience.
Sue R
Sue R
The company was a pleasure to deal with from the office staff to the tradies. Very professional and the work was well done. I would recommend them to others.
Eve Adamson
Eve Adamson
Prompt service by Hayden. Polite, friendly, efficient plumber. Very pleased, and will definitely call him for any future plumbing needs.
Gunther Pleml
Gunther Pleml
The job Hayden did was great. He was friendly, punctual and above all did a great job in installing our new toilets. He is a great asset to your business.


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