Gas Safety & Compliance

You can trust us to make sure your Gas Heating System meets the appropriate Australia standard to ensure its fit for use! 


Do You Need Gas Safety Inspections & Certification?

Landlords are required by law to provide a safety certificate every two years and this must be carried out by a VBA and REL certified technician. However, this is also an essential test for your own home and not only your investment property as it is designed to ensure safety from harmful faults like carbon monoxide leaks or electrical faults. You can trust us with the safety of your family by booking a routine safety test today.

What Happens If My System
Is Not Certified?

In Victoria all Landlords are required by ESV (Energy Safe Victoria) law to carry out a gas safety inspection and certification on their property every 2 years. In this inspection we test for gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, back pressure flue issues and we provide you with a certificate of compliance which we also submit to the VBA (Victorian Building Authority) for your property. If you join our Case Plumbing VIP Membership we offer a 10% discount on this certification.



Failure to provide a safe certified property to your tenants can result in;
1. Gas being disconnected to the property

2. Financial losses from tenant rent for failure to provide safe home

3. Loss and damage to your home or investment property if issues are not found and repaired

4. In severe issues, health risk and death can occur as a result of carbon monoxide leaks or gas leak fire or explosions.

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Michael Anderson
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Start to finish, professional and good value. Prompt replies. On time. Good advice. Clean. Professional, and dare I say it (don't tell them), not expensive! It's hard to explain how good these guys were, well maybe it's easy to be excited after lots of no shows, crazy $ quotes, and general local plumber apathy. No hesitation to recommend. Kept their fridge magnet, will use again 🙂
Chris Anthopoulos
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Case Plumbing provided a flawless service from start to finish. Great price, excellent communication and Michael went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with the service. Highly recommended and we wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Thanks again Michael and Clinton!!!
Ginuraj Sebastian
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When I wanted to do my Plumbing work at home, I wasn’t sure the person going to understand what I wanted, But clinton from Case plumbing done an amazing job. Perfection at its peak. A real committed person with full of passion in his profession. Thank you so much for accepting our job and make it really perfect.
Kathryn McGilvray
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Clinton from Case Plumbing repaired a downpipe that had rusted. He has done an awesome job and his attention to detail means the joins aren't visible and his workmanship is a really high standard. Very impressed with his work and would recommend.

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