Hot Water System Repairs

Burst or Leaking Water Heater

Are you running out of hot water quicker than normal? Is the temperature or water pressure weak? Does the water look discoloured or smell funny? Your water heater may have sprung a leak or may need to be replaced entirely.

Always proceed with caution! If your water heating system is leaking from the metal cylinder or has burst there may be several reasons as to why. Poor maintenance can result in rust or corrosion, causing sediment build-up which increases pressure. If the Temperature and Pressure relief valve leaks, typically this is indicative of faulty internal components and can actually cause explosions. Gas leaks are also another factor that may cause your water heater to explode, which is a potential fire risk. 

male plumber repairing hot water

SAFETY FIRST: What do I do if my Hot Water System bursts? Turn off the water to the system. Turn off the power or gas to the system.

The qualified professionals at Case Plumbing can assess, repair or replace your hot water system. 

Contact Us with the date of manufacture* and the brand of your heater and we can get your hot water flowing again. 

* Check how old the tank is first, as it may still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. On an electric heater tank, you’ll find the date of manufacture sticker with the serial numbers on the side of the tank near the top. Most tanks used to have 5-7 year warranties, however recently, manufacturers have started providing 10-12 year warranties on the tanks.

No Hot Water

Typically, there are three reasons why you have no hot water. 

This simple Q&A will ascertain your next best move to restore your hot water service.

A1: Correct. There is no water coming out of any of the hot taps.

Solution A: Check that the main water supply into your tank is on, it may be switched off.

Solution B: There could be a concealed broken pipe along the hot water lines. Contact Us so we can investigate for you: this will save you time and money in wasted water bills.

A2: Correct.

Solution: Likely the temperature control valve is broken and needs replacing. Don’t worry, this is a really easy repair for us, so Contact Us and we’ll fix that ASAP.

A3: Correct. I have water, it’s just not hot.

Solution: The heating source is off, possibly from an interruption to the power or gas supply. It’s nothing too major but will require professionals. Please let us know if you have gas, electric or solar and the age of your heater when you contact. Contact us, we’re happy to help.

Cost Saving Hot Water

Hot water heating services have seen great advancements in recent years, adapting to modern criteria such as household size, high-peak usage, clean energy concerns and cost-effective solutions. Depending on your location and the availability of electricity, gas or solar coverage, Case Plumbing can provide the most cost-efficient solution for your lifestyle to ensure you never run out of hot water again and your money doesn’t go down the drain! Ask our experts about what water heater is best in your region.

Electric Hot Water

An electric water heater is a great option for smaller households who don’t sing in the shower! It is the most economic solution because they are cheap to buy, cheap to install and cater best to those who don’t take long showers. 

The Electric Heat Pump’s clever technology uses an air conditioner motor to capture the ambient heat in the air around the tank and this ensures a very efficient way to supply your hot water needs. 

There are still some great government rebates available so this might be the best option to meet your heating needs. Our team can offer great advice so call us for a consultation today.

Gas Hot Water

We have all felt the pinch of the rapid rise of electricity prices in the past decade and the bill shock is simply unsustainable. Gas is a much cheaper energy source, so it may be a better option to have gas storage or a gas continuous flow water heater installed.

Ideal if you have more than three people showering daily or multiple times per day. The extra investment to install a new gas water heater will soon be present in the gas bill. 

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