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Without doubt, there are some legitimate DIY fixes if you’ve found yourself with a blocked toilet. You can grab some dish soap, hot water and a plunger, ensuring you know how much hot liquid to pour into the toilet bowl to prevent overflow, then continuously jab at the correct angle while shrouded in gloves, mask and gown, to break up the nasty clog. Ick! There’s also the home-chemistry version of vinegar, baking soda and a coat hanger, that requires a chemical reaction while stabbing at the blockage; however scratching your porcelain or splashing about in that noxious combination is also unappealing.

plumber using plunger in toilet

Are you prepared if the toilet bowl overflows? Do you fancy rummaging around in the cistern for the doohickey thingamajig? Do you even own a plunger? Other ametuer sites also recommend a toilet auger – are you really going to purchase a drain snake, uncertain of whether you’ll succeed or not? That’s time and money flushed down the drain. Now for the sensible approach.

Case Plumbing are specialists at fixing blocked toilets. Our qualified professionals operate a fit for purpose water-jetting trailer which is equipped with the latest technology in unclogging toilets. We have a fibre-optic sewer inspection camera to accurately identify the size and location of the blockage, high-pressure water jets that shift everything in its path, superior tank capacity designed to save time and additional hose extension so nothing escapes our attention.

We’re so confident our team can assess your situation, locate the clog and flush all toilet blockages efficiently and effectively, we provide a guarantee with every plumbing service we undertake.

If you’re looking to fix a blocked toilet, you can trust Case Plumbing’s friendly fleet of experts to offer you immediate and long-term solutions, ensuring top-notch toilet plumbing services so your sewers flow with ease.

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