Blocked Drains

Case Plumbing Fix Blocked Drains

Gurgling pipes? Blocked drains? Backed-up sewer? At Case Plumbing, the drain clearing specialists, we haven’t met a blockage that beat us.

Our qualified professionals use sophisticated fibre-optic cameras, in conjunction with powerful water jets and 60-metre hoses to assess, locate and flush your drainage clogs. With your plumbing problems clear, your pipes will flow like new again. Now, that’s a relief!

We’re so confident our fully-equipped fleet can service all your drain and sewers issues, in a timely manner, we supply a guarantee with every plumbing service we undertake.

Drain Cameras

Risks of Ignoring Clogged Pipes

Left untreated, blocked drains can negatively impact your health and your hip pocket. Not only can the smell be potentially noxious to you and your family, clogged plumbing can cause structural damage to your premises if left unattended. That’s dollar signs!

And while we’ve all attempted a few home remedies for drain clearing, sometimes baking soda and vinegar just isn’t going to cut it. It’s not going to identify where the leak is, if there is more than one leak and it’s not going to shift stubborn clogs. The last thing you want is to make the situation worse.

The experts at Case Plumbing can perform a full assessment of the problem before formulating the correct solution and then fixing the issue.

The Professional Edge to Drain Clearing

Case Plumbing’s superior water-jetting trailer is fitted out with a fibre-optic sewer inspection camera, high-pressure water jets, increased tank capacity and extended hose length so nothing escapes our attention.
  • Fibre-optic cameras provide access to inaccessible or complicated underground systems with ease, locating the problem and providing instant feedback through a visual monitor
  • Increased motor power on our water jets flushes everything in its path
  • 200-litre water storage tank negates refilling mid-job
  • 60-metre length hoses ensure extensive access to even the most difficult areas
Case Plumbing’s fully-equipped team is in the perfect position to offer you immediate and long-term solutions, allowing your drains and sewers to flow with ease.

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